Terms and conditions

1.General Terms:

The hereby Purchase Contract is an agreement between the Seller Vintaris Trade Limited, (Address: Avionos 1, Maria House, 1075 Nicosia Cyprus) and you as the Buyer.

The responsibility of Vintaris Trade Ltd extends strictly to the products found and ordered from www.vintaris.com as its online catalog. The Buyer which orders from www.vintaris.com online web-shop is bound to accept current Terms and Conditions.

2.Prices and Payment:

Prices listed in the online shop are net prices for the actual product which were valid upon availability at the time of update, and are NOT valid up to the point of order. The final prices, which are actual to the specific deal, will be stated in the Pro-forma Invoice that the Buyer will receive.

The Seller thus does not hold any responsibility for the prices stated in the online catalog, and is liable to change those at any time. The Seller is obliged to supply the products purchased online at that same net price, which were negotiated and agreed upon with the Buyer. The valid prices are acknowledged on the order confirmation, on the Pro-forma Invoice. If for any reason an order or orders are due to change or add up, the order will be subject to an alternative

Shipping costs are not included in the prices seen with our products, or total amounts! Should the buyer require any assistance with shipping, Vintaris Trade Ltd will be glad to help and offer a most trusted freight forwarder to the required destination. The shipping terms and costs will then be determined via a separate agreement between the Buyer and the Seller.

The buyer is obligated to pay 25% of the total price in advance once received the confirmation of the order which is the Pro-Forma Invoice. The payment is preferable by VIBER (Real time gross settlement systems) which in some cases could be cheaper and the payment is transferred within a few hours. Bank Transfer is also applicable and validates the order only if the Buyer can provide the proof of transaction within 24 hours upon the receipt of the order confirmation.

The remaining 75% is due upon shipping once the freight forwarder has determined that the goods have arrived and are ready to ship. The payment then is to be balanced via VIBER (Real time gross settlement systems) within 1-2 hours’ time, for the goods to be released.

There will be no releasing of goods unless the full balance has been settled by the Buyer.

3. Responsibility

Information regarding the functions of the current web store along with delivery terms and conditions can all be found on the here seen Terms and Conditions, and on the Order and Delivery sections of this website.

The hereby referred documents contain all information to which the Vintaris Trade Limited is obliged to establish and to keep to.

The Buyer acknowledges that they have read, understood and agreed with the contents of the hereby referred document.

By not keeping to that, the Buyer will have breached the agreement, thus will be responsible before the Vintaris Trade Ltd with reimbursement.

The Buyer consents to be responsible to the payment of the goods ordered by them. The shipping is the freight forwarder's responsibility, which will be determined by either the Buyer or by Vintaris Trade Ltd depending on the agreement and requirements. In case the reception of goods has not taken place due to the Buyer’s responsibility, the costs and refunds will be subject to the Buyer.

4. Validity of Agreement

Current agreement is valid from the point of approving an order to the point of fulfilling that. In case of continuous ordering the agreement will remain valid until both parties will have fulfilled all claims before each other.

Every order is automatically tagged with a unique order number, which is published and registered upon approval of that order. The order number is also being sent by Vintaris Trade Ltd to the address provided by the Buyer thus becoming an order confirmation. An order is valid only with a provided, unique order number!

The purchasing agreement becomes valid once both the Buyer and the Seller have signed the Pro-forma Invoice.

The Buyer has the right to call off or modify the order following the confirmation and deposit payment. In case the ordered goods were not to be exclusively produced for the Buyer and the Seller has had the required goods with their inventory, the Buyer would have the option to either be reimbursed with the 25% deposit or to reinvest that with another order.

In case of a special order the 25% deposit IS NOT to be reimbursed to the Buyer only if the Seller will have already continued with the production of that order on his behalf. The cancellation or modification must contain the order number and can be done by email or by phone directly to your key account manager.

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